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BY HISTORY OF THE ANCIENT WORLD – POSTED ON JULY 26, 2015 POSTED IN: ARTICLES Rethinking the Plague of Cyprian: Pandemics and Passages to Late Antiquity By Kyle Harper Journal of Roman Archaeology – forthcoming (2015) Introduction: Pandemic events are surpassingly rare in human history. Yet the period we know as late antiquity could be… Read More


Hannibal Barca of Carthage, North Africa Image: Coin bearing the image of Hannibal and his famed battalion of elephants. In 247 B.C., the year Hannibal Barca was born, the Carthage empire was about 500 years old. Known as one of the greatest strategist in military history, the battles of Hannibal would strike a turning point in… Read More

Caesar giving Cleopatra the Throne

In June of 323 BCE, Alexander the Great died and his vast empire was divided among his generals. One of these generals was Ptolemy I Soter, a fellow Macedonian, who would found the Ptolemaic Dynasty in ancient Egypt. The Ptolemaic line, of Macedonian-Greek ethnicity, would continue to rule Egypt until the rise of the Roman… Read More


This is an informational post with compiled text from external sources listed at the bottom. Julius Caesar declared January 1st as the New Year in 45 BC, starting the tradition. Caesar chose the date because the month of January is named for the Roman God Janus, a two-faced God who looks to the future and… Read More

From the early days of the Roman Republic through the volatile reigns of such ignoble emperors asCaligula, Nero, and Commodus, the Roman Empire continued to expand, stretching its borders to encompass the entire Mediterranean Sea as well as expanding northward to Gaul and Britain. History records the exploits of the heroes as well as the tirades of the emperors. Despite the sometimes shameful deeds of the… Read More