Just as we do today, people in the medieval period worried about their health and what they might do to ward off sickness, or alleviate symptoms if they did fall ill. Here, historian Toni Mount reveals some of the most unusual remedies commonly used… Monday 20th April 2015 Submitted by: Emma McFarnon Medicines in the… Read More


Fur flies over 16th century ‘rocket cats’ warfare manual, Thursday 6 March 2014 05.44 EST Researcher baffled by document written by artillery master Franz Helm featuring pictures of jetpacks strapped to cats and doves The manual suggests capturing cats from enemy territory and strapping bombs to them. Photograph: Matt Rourke/AP You’re a 16th century… Read More


By Susan Abernethy Joan Beaufort was descended from kings. Through her mother she was a related to King Edward I of England and through her father related to King Edward III. During King James I of Scotland’s captivity in England, he was fortunate enough to meet Joan and fall in love with her. Joan was… Read More