JANUARY 2, 2015 BY EARLY MODERN ENGLAND   Shakespeare’s religious beliefs are the subject of an ongoing scholarly debate. In 1616, the year Shakespeare died, the Jesuit press at the College of St. Omer—then in the Spanish Flanders but now in France—published an edition of poems by the Jesuit martyr Robert Southwell in which the… Read More


“Many hold it for an excellent idea to praise such an absurd matter like that sarmatic [Polish] astronomer, who moves the earth and lets the sun stand still.” Melanchthon in 1539 speaking about Heliocentric theory being proposed by a paper titled ‘Commentariolus’, by Renaissance mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.… Read More

  Qin Shihuang, first emperor of ancient China. Qin Shihuang (259BC-210BC), born in Ying Zheng, was the first Emperor of a united China and the founder of Qin Dynasty. During the preceding Zhou Dynasty, Ying Zheng was the king of the Qin State. Following his defeat of the other six Warring States in 221 BC,… Read More