JANUARY 2, 2015 BY EARLY MODERN ENGLAND   Shakespeare’s religious beliefs are the subject of an ongoing scholarly debate. In 1616, the year Shakespeare died, the Jesuit press at the College of St. Omer—then in the Spanish Flanders but now in France—published an edition of poems by the Jesuit martyr Robert Southwell in which the… Read More

King Rollo

Digital vector art by Charles Cranston. By Susan Abernethy As I wrote in an earlier post about testing my family DNA, it was revealed that on the patrimonial side, my ancestry was about ninety percent Nordic Viking. This was a bit of a shock as the family history always stressed our ancestors were from Ireland and… Read More


By Susan Abernethy Joan Beaufort was descended from kings. Through her mother she was a related to King Edward I of England and through her father related to King Edward III. During King James I of Scotland’s captivity in England, he was fortunate enough to meet Joan and fall in love with her. Joan was… Read More


Medieval Dog Names In England we find dogs that were named Sturdy, Whitefoot, Hardy, Jakke, Bo and Terri. Anne Boleyn, one of the wives of King Henry VIII, had a dog named Purkoy, who got its name from the French ‘pourquoi’ because it was very inquisitive. Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Nun’s Priest Tale has a line… Read More

  CARLISLE, ENGLAND—Two wooden tridents from the Neolithic era have been discovered in an extinct river channel in northern England and are set to go on display at the Tullie House Musem. Measuring six feet long, the tridents were made with stone tools from a single oak plank. Carbon dating of the artifacts shows they are between 5,900 and… Read More

From Archaeology News http://www.heritagedaily.com/ Iron Age, 150-50 BC – From the River Thames at Waterloo Bridge, London, EnglandThis ‘helmet’ was dredged from the River Thames at Waterloo Bridge in the early 1860s. It is the only Iron Age helmet to have ever been found in southern England, and it is the only Iron Age helmet… Read More


Of the many characters in Arthurian Legend, Merlin stands out as a driving force. Not only does he play a crucial role in the life of Arthur, but his character’s own life is rife with adventure and drama. Much research and speculation has been conducted on an “historical Arthur.” Books, movies, and documentaries abound on… Read More