Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria

By Zachary Fagenson Reuters 7:33 p.m. CDT, May 13, 2014 MIAMI (Reuters) – A shipwreck found off the north coast of Haiti could be the 500-year-old remains of the Santa Maria, which led Christopher Columbus’€™ famed voyage to the New World, according to a team of marine explorers. “All the geographical, underwater topography and archaeological… Read More

Serra da Capivara National Park

SERRA DA CAPIVARA NATIONAL PARK, Brazil — Niede Guidon still remembers her astonishment when she glimpsed the paintings. Preserved amid the bromeliad-encrusted plateaus that tower over the thorn forests of northeast Brazil, the ancient rock art depicts fierce battles among tribesmen, orgiastic scenes of prehistoric revelry and hunters pursuing their game, spears in hand. “These… Read More


The Father of Chicago: Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable August 8, 2011 By: John R. Schmidt “The first white man to settle in Chicago was black.” That was a popular witticism around town in the 1930s, and it says a lot about the attitudes of the time. Of course, the person referred to was Jean Baptiste… Read More


March 7, 2014 10 Things You Should Know About Millard Fillmore By Jesse Greenspan On March 8, 1874, former U.S. President Millard Fillmore died at age 74 after having a stroke.. Straitlaced and well-groomed, he is usually remembered, if at all, for being the butt of innumerable jokes about everything from his supposed lack of… Read More


Born George Speck in 1822 in Saratoga Lake, New York, Crum was the son of an African American father and Native American mother, a member of the Huron tribe. He professionally adopted the name “Crum” as it was the name his father used in his career as a jockey. Crum was a chef at the… Read More

  On November 8, 1862, Sibley and his military forces began the journey to move the 303 condemned men from the Lower Sioux Agency to a prison camp in Mankato where the executions were to take place. The prisoners, shackled together in horse-drawn wagons, were attacked by a mob on the outskirts of New Ulm… Read More


In an announcement that could rewrite the book on early colonization of the New World, two researchers today said they have proposed a location for the oldest fortified settlement ever found in North America. Speaking at an international conference on France at Florida State University, the pair announced that they have proposed a new location… Read More


Among the pirates who have scoured the seven seas, Blackbeard stands as history’s most notorious. Said to have captured two ships more than twice the size of his own, Blackbeard’s conquests have been told and retold for nearly three centuries, captivating countless imaginations. Blackbeard photo by Flickr user Bruceclay For so long, Blackbeard’s epic has… Read More


As Mexico City extended it’s Metro system a further 25km, archaeologists were working in advance between October 2008 -August 2012. Among the burials, dwellings, statues and other exciting finds, something unique has come to light and captured the imagination of archaeologists and the public alike. Pierced Skull and A tzompantli,(skull rack) from Juan de Tovar’s… Read More