Fur flies over 16th century ‘rocket cats’ warfare manual, Thursday 6 March 2014 05.44 EST Researcher baffled by document written by artillery master Franz Helm featuring pictures of jetpacks strapped to cats and doves The manual suggests capturing cats from enemy territory and strapping bombs to them. Photograph: Matt Rourke/AP You’re a 16th century… Read More


March 7, 2014 10 Things You Should Know About Millard Fillmore By Jesse Greenspan On March 8, 1874, former U.S. President Millard Fillmore died at age 74 after having a stroke.. Straitlaced and well-groomed, he is usually remembered, if at all, for being the butt of innumerable jokes about everything from his supposed lack of… Read More


Today, 1913 is inevitably viewed through the lens of 1914: as the last year before a war that would shatter the global economic order and tear Europe apart, undermining its global pre-eminence. Our perspectives narrowed by hindsight, the world of that year is reduced to its most frivolous features—last summers in grand aristocratic residences—or its… Read More


A story on a papyrus dating from the 2nd century CE relates that the goddess Isis, bestowing gifts on humanity, gave as much power and honor to women as she did to men. This tale reflects the high status women enjoyed in ancient Egypt. Although they never had the same rights as males, an Egyptian… Read More


As of March 4th, 2014  the situation in the Ukraine is a dynamic and changing and is a incredibly nuanced and complicated developing situation. Competing interests, between conservatives, pro-democracy, ethnic Russians, Jewish people, and Neo-nazi fascists create multiple shades of gray that takes much consideration before rational, and fair deliberation can take place. Adding to this already… Read More


Uncovering the ancient roots of leprosy New research conducted at the University of Texas Anderson Cancer Center is finally unearthing some of the ancient mysteries behind leprosy, which has plagued mankind throughout history. The study found that leprosy may be the oldest human-specific infection, with roots that likely stem back at least ten million years.… Read More